Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bernard Bear

Bernard cartoon bears, cartoon who is probably making people fall in love first time watching it. Bernard in Bernard cartoon character bear is a white bear who bit naive but stubborn. Often times making one mistake after mistake very funny who ultimately harm himself.
The story of one high building, Bernard did not realize playing near the window, he just menyadariny when looking down. At that time he also takutny half to death, scared to move just sangking Bernard shaking. After trying akhirny he managed to stay away from windows, but had just dropped her shutters dr keinjak membuatny something slippery and rolled toward the window again.

Fortunately for her hand briskly when the sash holding her body was thrown out the window. His name also Bernard, leaves door window troubled now, Bernard bear had fallen from a height. Other cuteness happens when Bernard bear running in the park.
At that time Bernard hinggapi bear in a bee on his nose. Bernard bear somewhere, ill-tempered, he wanted to beat the bees are flying. In kejarnya up into the woods., Where Bernard bear to see the forest as a pig. When the bees had entered the antecedent kejarnya who nest in the tree below it there are wild pigs. Pigs ran to see Bernard bear, it made Bernard amused and could not help laughing.
But Bernard did not realize thereon bees had come in hordes. Certainly surprised, but prior to take some steps still have time to shout a thousand Bernard formations. Bernard tried to save him dr bee sting, so she had run away as fast as possible. Until at one dead end, Bernard was not able to run again, but the place was a block of wood with holes.
Bernard bear to change dollars into it while the bee is near her butt, fuck that timber can only contain upper body who is not his ass, bengkaklah ... silly, funny, intriguing, too reminiscent of events in everyday situations who also happens sometimes because of our own to cerobohan . Bernard feels sick because first of all the Bear revolt, until the wood is rolled over and took him down into a ravine.

Another problem emerged, this time with a wooden bear Bernard where refuge overwrite yesteryear boar ran away. This time the pig into a sulk because the override, immediately in seruduknya Bernard bear several times. Last Bernard bear pig fooled, and make a pig stuck in a tree hollow. This time Bernard bear feels to win, he's laughing himself continued to beat the pig who continue to shout in pain, his legs stay out of the tree. How satisfied Bernard bear, he can continue to beat the pig's ass who are helpless.

The pigs who do not stay silent in pain anymore, because he too feels the pain sanking defend himself with his legs, at her feet tendangkannya it backward several times, and hit, bounced and flew Bernard bear on a tree. Another absurdity reappeared, Bernard bear fell besama something curious in the lyrics, Bernard hahhh directly bear scamper, the article was another hive.

Problem running emang rooster, bees still lag behind. But unfortunately Bernard ran in a stalemate, the tip is a chasm ny. But there is hope seen here, below the cliff is a river, she stood facing the approaching bee who may feel able to pass on the bees reviled and then plunged into a ravine.Again again kenak damn, Bernard stump twigs ago tossed back into the abyss. Furthermore, tau was happened, the bees are still there, the whole body full Bernard bentolan caused bee sting.

Bernard Bear Cartoon

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