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Asterix was created in the 1959 from the mind of the writer Renè Goscinny and from pencil of the designer Albert Uderzo for the French weekly magazine "the Pilots". The history of Asterix are acclimatized in the Gallia to the times of Giulio Cesar, when the Roman occupied great part of this territory. But there is a village to the edges of a deep forest, than it is not taken care minimally of the enemy, in how much every inhabitant, if under the temporary effect of the "miraculous potion" it possesses a such force to make outside one entire roman garrison alone. Asterix is the protagonist undiscussed of the series. Asterix is a small warrior of stature, but extremely intelligent and brave, it is characterized from a winged helmet and two moustache blond. When it is under the effect of the filter, Asterix is very powerfull. The merit of this miraculous potion, is attributed to druido the Panoramix, the wizard of the community. It passes the days to ramble for the forest with a sickle in hand in order to collect mistletoe and the grass that serves to it to prepare the famous potion.
After to have put the ingredients in a large one big pot it puts to bubble this large one "minestrone" in order then to distribute it to the inhabitants. But there is a most likeable personage who can make less than this portion and is Obelix, from always the greatest friend than Asterix. Obelix is perennially under the effect of the filter in how much from baby has fallen in entire big pot of Panoramix, assuming some one such amount to extend of the effectiveness for all the life. However it does not want to be from less of the others and from large golosone qual' it is always tries to intrufolarsi in the row of the mess, with to the others inhabitants. Obelix in fact has always a gigantic hunger that succeeds to calm only eating a great amount of wild boars, if of và in turn in the forest with of the enormous ones obelischi of stone to the aim carrying them to the village like sacred objects that can preservare from the sventure. The head of the village has a inpronunciabile name: Abraracourcix, amusing but authoritarian monarch whom it loves is made to carry in shoulder from its sudditi ones over its shield used like portantina. Brave and reckless it is only plagued from a great fear, that is that the sky a day to the other can fall on the head. The epiche deeds of Asterix and these valiants warriors, could not not be narrated from Bravo street singer and therefore in this variegated village who covers the poet-singer role is the Assurancetourix Bard, but so she is out of tune, than when it is exhibited accompanying itself with its cetra, all how many escape and the orecchie are plugged. The adventures of Asterix have been published from the Mondadori in lussuosi dawn to colors and have had not only in Italy, but all over the world succeeding one extraordinary, to leave from France. The gesta of our heroes does not confine alone in the territories of the Gallia, but they are pushed beyond in all Mediterranean and: Egypt, Britain, Rome, Normandia etc... Famous the history of "Asterix and Cleopatra" or that one that sees gladiators to them to Rome, in the ditch of the lions of the colosseo. The key of "suspance" of history is a Pò like that one of "Trial of strength", our protagonists falls victim of the enemies when they are vulnerable, that is when has ended the effect of the filter. Obelix from large danger, thinks to hunt itself in impicci in order just the account. But it is always thanks to the astuteness of Asterix and the potions of Panoramix that all the history are concluded with the Victoria of the protagonists who put in ridicule the proverbiale roman power.

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