Thursday, August 26, 2010

Upin and Ipin

At first the idea of movies including sebagan Geng: Starting odyssey, Upin and Ipin are made by Mohd Nizam Abdul Razak, Mohd Safwan Abdul Karim and Usamah Zaid, the owner of Les' Copaque. All three are former students from Multimedia University, Malaysia who initially worked as a worker in an organization animation before finally met with the former oil and gas trader, Haji Burhanuddin Radzi and wife named H. Aenon Ariff in 2005, then opened the organization of Les' Copaque.
Upin & Ipin initially published specifically to welcome Ramadan in the year 2007 to educate children about the meaning and interest of the holy month. Safwan said, "We started this four-minute animated series to test the local market acceptance, and measure how the reaction of our storytelling ability." Rousing welcome to this short cartoon encouraged Les' Copaque to publish one more season of Ramadan are so welcoming.
Nizam believe that aspects of Malaysian culture berlatarkan as a simple village can definitely attract the international market. As in the original Japanese cartoon Doraemon animation can be worldwide bestsellers despite berlatarkan local culture rather than an international culture. And again, the reputation of Les' Copaque as famous organization was established by the popularity of Upin & Ipin not only in Malaysia, even in some other countries that import these cartoons, especially Indonesia.
Upin & Ipin animation process (and also film Gang) using Autodesk Maya software CGI. At a media session animation software in the year 2009, the Chief Designer of Las Copaque, Fuad Md. Din told, "One of the goals we chose this cartoon is because it made very easy. After all we've experienced him before. "
In the year 2009, the Nizam, and Anas Safwan leaving Les' Copaque to establish a new animation studio, which is Animonsta Studios; but the animated series Upin & Ipin still continued under the leadership of Haji Burhanuddin as a director.

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