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Uncle Scrooge

In the midst of rolling hills Duckburg, warehouses stood with tegarnya money. The walls were thick, impenetrable bullet, even equipped with sensors antimaling and witches. Contents: 12 140 cubic meters of ready cash. Workers in it less than five. And the owner: Scrooge McDuck, the richest duck in the world.
Who is Scrooge?
Although we often read the story, we rarely know who he really is. At least until Carl Banks, the creator, making The Duck Family Tree. Then a few years ago, it was not yet complete genealogical enhanced with various changes by the author and illustrator Don Rosa into a long epic 12-volume entitled The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck.
Scrooge (Scrooge McDuck real name) was hatched in Scotland in 1867 as the first child of three brothers. His father, Fergus McDuck, one (or a?) Descendant of the Scottish nobility. His mother called Downy O'Drake and two sisters named Matilda and Hortense. Hortense McDuck Quackmore marry later this has a son named Duck and Donald Duck and the daughter who later became the mother of Huey, Dewey, Louie.
Although the descendants of the aristocracy, family life deprived McDuck. Castle they had been seized by the descendants Whiskerville since the 17th century. Small Scrooge living by selling firewood around the city.
At a very young age, Scrooge decides adventure to America as the crew. He arrived in Louisville, Mississippi river, and got a job as captain of the ship that brought Dilly Dollar gold nugget to New Orleans. Barriers began to arise when he meets a family Boys gang.
Gober settled in 1882 Fonebone Hotel, Montana, as a cowherd. He was involved in the war and never come rolling cattle bandits Jesse James. Even so, these young Scrooge of Scrooge is far different from what we know today. Hard attitude and believe he has yet to grow. But in the Montana wilderness that he met with Theodore Rooselvelt, American hero tips and advice-advice way of life would affect the next Scrooge.
Then he returned briefly to Scotland to reclaim the castle and land ownership rights McDuck family. From Scotland, Scrooge sailed to Africa and taking part in gold mining for three years. This experience is held in Kalgoorlie, one of the most important gold mining sites in Australia late 19th century. Of the tribe of Aborigines, Scrooge received an important cultural experience of history. Aboriginal culture is known as a highly respected cultural past than any culture on earth. From this point of interest Scrooge treasure antiques and growing.
Scrooge afterwards returned to America, living in Klondike, the American-Canadian border area, and mine gold in the Yukon River. This is the turning point in Scrooge's life, when the loudest, quietest, and most dramatic of his adventures. Scrooge worked tirelessly every moment, life was accompanied by wild animals, eating once a day, and refused to dissipate in the city. A dancer bar called Glittering Goldie fell in love with him and became the only female ducks ever intimate with him. Love them aground, but still save a bundle of fur Scrooge Goldie in his wooden box. Life turned around when Scrooge, with forging experience of soil and rocks, to find the golden egg for goose. Her success story began.
In the Klondike was the first time Scrooge dealing with banks and defrauded about fake debt. Scrooge the wrath of not only making battered Sloapy Slick, sly pig bank owners, and their men, but also destroyed almost half the town of Klondike. Had brought in the cavalry. Slick Sloapy arrested, his bank was closed, and moved to Whitehorse Scrooge to open ... new bank! Its first billion-dollar wine stored in barrels that brought him to where he went.
Year 1902 Scrooge taking the time to go home, and her father died not long hose. Scrooge back to America brought with Hortense and Matilda. He headed Duck and the City of Casey Killmotor buy Prul hill. Here he founded his money and began building the warehouse empire. Casey himself is the grandson of Cornelis Prul Prul, founder of Duckburg. He is the grandfather Gus Goose and Elvira Prul siblings, we know with the title Grandma Duck.
Duck City itself is not so anything at that time. "I bought this hill when it was still empty. I woke up my wealth and saw ... the city has grown around me."
Too serious for a comic? No, I think. Comics, behind all kejenakaannya, keep the work and ideas that do not play games. When a child or your nephew to read comics and chuckled, then he was a normal child. When you read the old comics and still giggles, then you are blessed because the people who really mature. Maturity may be measured by the ability to laugh at themselves. And in a good comics, all the absurdities of life we are shown nude, but smart. "Fiction," Virginia Woolf sastrawati said, "must be able to deliver more truth than fact."
Unfortunately, the translation of the clan "McDuck" to "duck" into the Indonesian language in a literary taste less precise. This translation sounds really nice on the ears, but make Scrooge look like a duck and not a duck Scotland. Why Scotland? Both Carl Banks and Don Rosa had no answer. But this would give room for Duck fans like my family to merekatafsirkan semiotic possibilities.
Scotland, over the extent of the United Kingdom, is a region which has witnessed a clear history of what is called the pullback of the knight and the rise of the merchant. Warrior class falling into poverty, and a new generation of Scots live with new realities, that the property is more powerful than the throne.
Since the regime of military dictatorship puritanical Oliver Cromwell with the army collapsed in the UK, one social system that is more loosely applied. Monarchy stood back, but the king had no right to arbitrarily over the country. In a situation like that England gave birth to Isaac Newton, John Locke, spinning machines, Industrial Revolution, and Adam Smith.
Do not forget that the remains of Cromwell's Puritanism bequeathed who later gave birth to what Max Weber called the "Protestant ethic": the ethos to refrain from carnal pleasure with scrimped and saved. Within the framework of Weberian sociology, this kind of ethos that makes capitalism, drove fast. Wealth is created from the sweat and hard work. Then Scrooge McDuck is the perfect blend of all Scottish history was.
Actually, there's nothing wrong with ambition and attitude kikirnya. We ourselves are often amazed to hear a success story of someone who started from zero. But questions began to arise when Scrooge does not know when to quit. "He's got money and all that can be bought by money," said Matilda McDuck. But Scrooge only interested in "money" and not interested in "everything that can be bought by money." It played a bunch of money to make money again. Propagate his business to master every production sector Duckburg.
Until one time been told that the Duck Town residents do not want to buy anything anymore, since buying goods means "miserly that enrich the duck." Then what? If consumers really do not buy, means of production must be stopped. Not afraid to Scrooge? Probably not. After all, people still have needs. After all he was entitled to sack employees: Donald perhaps, or Mrs. Emily secretary, or the driver Duckworth. So endangered is the consumers and the working class itself, not him. Karl Kautsky, the social democrat leader, once said: "Production should continue. If not, the whole society will collapse, including the proletarian class." And? The usual Disney illustrator complete story with farce or a chase scene to Timbuktu. Understandably, they are not economists.
But let's look at one another wealthy American (people, not ducks) named Rockefeller. Success story does not start from the gold, but of oil. And he is not a honest hard worker who like Scrooge, he was deceitful. Rockefeller signed a secret contract with the transport entrepreneurs to distribute the oil. As a result, its competitors fall off rapidly, and companies had lackluster diborongnya one by one until they run out. Inevitably countrywoman oil mastered. Did greed? Almost, if Americans do not have a free press and the Supreme Court. Due to a journalist writing in the Atlantic Monthly, awareness about the dangers of monopoly successfully excited. The Supreme Court convened and the Antimonopoly Law was read for the first time in May 1911. Current law, and greed stopped.

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