Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mickey Mouse

Character Mickey Mouse became a symbol for America, especially in the spread of U.S. culture into various parts of the world and became a symbol of joy. Mickey Mouse has become a symbol of The Walt Disney Company and Walt Disney's own self as expressed by Walt's wife, Lillian. Mickey and Walt grow together and become a mirror of their personalities. U.S. President Jimmy Carter once said "Mickey Mouse is the symbol of goodwill, surpassing all languages and cultures. When one sees Mickey Mouse, they want see happiness. "(Mickey Mouse is the symbol of goodness beyond all language and culture. When one sees Mickey, so he saw some sunshine)
Silhouette of Mickey's head that consists of a large circle as the head and two small circles as the ears become the logo for the company under the auspices of The Walt Disney Company, which bears the name Disney. This picture also appears faintly in the various Disney films and attractions at Disney theme parks.
Originally, Mickey Mouse was created as a replacement Oswald the Lucky Rabbit created by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks for Charles Mintz of Universal Studios, but they were dismissed when requesting a higher budget for the popular Oswald and Oswald drawn since then by others.
For the sustainability of the company, Walt had to find a new character. And the idea of Mickey Mouse came when Walt was on the train. The name of the character before Mickey Mouse was named Mortimer Mouse. But his wife, Lillian Disney, less liked. Now, the name used as the character Mortimer Mouse Mickey Mouse enemy in the fight Minnie Mouse.
Mickey and Minnie Mouse appeared for the first time in Plane Crazy was released on May 15, 1928.

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